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Registration under section 12A and/or 80G of Income Tax Act

Any organization which is incorporated with the objective of carrying out charitable or religious activities can get itself registered under section 12A of the Act and the income earned from such charitable or religious activities shall be exempt from the provisions of the Income Tax Act, subject to certain conditions.
Similarly, any organization carrying on charitable or religious activities can obtain the certificate under section 80G, under which the donor shall be eligible for deduction on account of donation given by him/ her to such registered organization, thus motivating people to donate more to the organization.


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    • Income not taxable for organization registered u/s 12A, subject to certain conditions
    • Since donors will be eligible for deduction for donation given, higher amount of donations will be received by the organization
    • 12A registration has lifetime validity.
    • Improves reputation.


    Preparation and filing of the application to the Income Tax Department.

    Responding to the clarification seeked by the Income Tax Department.

    Submission of reply and other relevant documents to the Appropriate authority.

    Regular follow-ups with the tax authorities for issue of the certificate.

    Issuance of certificate by the Income Tax Authorities.

    Documents required:

    • Self attested copies of Registration certificate and MOA/ trust deed;
    • NOC from landlord;
    • Copy of PAN card;
    • Copy of Electricity Bill / House tax Receipt /Water Bill;
    • Balance Sheet and P&L account for past 3 years;
    • List of trustees
    • Any other documents, as asked for by the Department.


    1. Is it mandatory to obtain the 12A exemption/ 80G certification?

    – No. It is not mandatory. It is upto the sole discretion of the owners to obtain the said certification/ registration.

    2. Whether it needs to be obtained before the incorporation of the organization?

    – The said certificates may be obtained at the time of incorporation or after incorporation of the said organization.

    3. Whether this certificate can be obtained by all the organizations?

    – No. Only those organizations which are carrying on the religious or charitable activities are eligible to apply for said certifications.

    4. What is the validity period of the registration under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act?

    – For 12A registration: Lifetime validity
    For 80G registration: 1 to 3 years validity


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