All About GSTR 3B- GST Return for July’17 and August’17

The GST Council, vide notification no. 18/2017, 19/2017, 20/2017 and 21/2017, has formally extended the date of filing of GST-1, GST-2 and GST-3 and has introduced a monthly return in the name of GSTR 3B, which needs to be filed for the months of July’2017 and August’2017.

Following are the new due dates for filing of GST returns:


For the months of GSTR 3B GST-1 GST-2 GST-3
July-2017 20th August 2017 5th September 2017 10th September 2017 15th September 2017
August-2017 20th September 2017 20th September 2017 25th September 2017 30th September 2017
September-2017 and onwards Not to be filed 10th of succeeding month 15th of succeeding month 20th of succeeding month


To provide relief to the registered persons, a simple return form in the name of GSTR 3B has been introduced for the months of July 2017 and August 2017, which requires the registered persons to fill in the details regarding the transactions stated in the return form. Following details are required to be filled in the specified return form:

  • Details of Outward Supplies:
  1. Outward taxable supplies (Other than zero rated)
  2. Outward taxable supplies (zero rated)
  3. Other outward supplies (nil rated/ exempted)
  4. Inward supplies liable for reverse charges
  5. Non-GST outward supplies


  • Details of Inter-state supplies made to unregistered persons, composition taxable persons and UIN holders;
  • Details of ITC taken and ITC reversed (no column for ITC carried forward);
  • Value of exempt, nil rated and non-GST inward supplies;
  • Details of GST payable, GST adjusted with ITC and the balance paid in cash. Also, amount of interest and late fee also needs to be furnished;

There will be no late fee or penalty levied for the late filing of Form GSTR 3B for the months of July’17 and August’17. Eventually, this GSTR-3 will be matched against GSTR-3B and any difference will be refunded or will require payment by the assessee, as the case may be.


Following are the formats under which the above mentioned details needs to be furnished:


1. Details of Outward Supplies


Nature of Supplies Total Taxable Value Integrated Tax Central Tax State / UT Tax Cess
1 2 3 4 5 6
(a) Outward Taxable Supplies (other than Zero rated, Nil Rated Exempted)
(b) Outward Taxable Supplies (Zero Rated)
(c) Other Outward Supplies (Nil, Exempted)
(d) Inward Supplies (Liable to Reverse Charge)
(e) Non – GST Outward Supplies


2. Of the supplies shown above, details of inter-State supplies made to unregistered persons, composition taxable persons and UIN holders


Details Place of Supply (State/UT) Total Taxable Value Amount of Integrated Tax
1 2 3 4
Supply Made to Unregistered Persons
Supply made to Composition Taxable Persons
Supply made to UIN Holders


3. Eligible ITC


Details Integrated Tax Central Tax State / UT Tax Cess
1 2 3 4 5
(A) ITC Available (Whether in Full or Part)
(1) Import of Goods
(2) Import of Services
(3) Inward Supplies Liable to Reverse Charge (Other than 1 & 2 above)
(4) Inward Supplies from ISD
(5) All Other ITC
(B) ITC Reversed
(1) As per rules 42 & 43 of CGST Rules
(2) Others
(c) Net ITC available (A) – (B)
(D) Ineligible ITC
(1) As per Section 17 (5)
(2) Others


 4. Values of exempt, nil-rated and non-GST inward supplies


Nature of Supplies Inter-State Supplies Intra-State Supplies
1 2 3
From a Supplier under Composition Scheme, Exempt & Nil rated Supply
Non GST Supply


 5. Payment of Tax


Description Tax Payable Paid to ITC – Integrated Tax Paid to ITC – Central Tax Paid to ITC – State/UT Tax Paid to ITC – Tax Paid – TDS/TCS Tax/Cess paid in Cash Interest Late Fee
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Central Tax
State/UT Tax


 6. TDS/TCS Credit



Details Integrated Tax Central Tax State Tax
1 2 3 4


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